No. The platform facilitates confidential offers and negotiations between Buyers and Sellers. By using the Inbuilt Instant Messaging facility, you decide when and what you would like to share with with the other party. This is similar to Facebook private messaging.
This will only display when Offers have been made and the Seller has chosen to Negotiate with you.
The Referee
If you receive an offer, you have 48 hours to either negotiate or reject that offer. Failing that, the Referee will apply a Yellow card to your Boot. We will always email you about any new offers or you will receive a Push Notification on the App..
On 3 x separate occasions within the last 60 day rolling period, you didn't respond to an Offer within the 48 hour open offer period.
They will roll off automatically after a period of 60 days from the date each Yellow Card was applied.
It will roll off automatically after a period of 30 days. No cards will then be shown against your Boot.
From within the My Boot screen, before you go away, you can click the Suspend My Boot option, which will prevent any offers being made on any items within your Boot. This will not affect any items currently under offer.
From within the My Offers screen, click Cancel. You are not under any contractual obligation because the Seller does not accept your offer using our platform. They only choose to negotiate with you. You close the deal offline.
The Seller has cancelled the offer process, either because they have changed their mind or you have already closed the deal.
You did not send the Seller a private instant message using the inbuilt text function within 24 hours of being notified by email do to so.
If the Seller has agreed to send the item by post, it is recommended that you make payment using PayPal. For face to face collections, if you don’t want to pay by cash, our platform has integrated PayPal.me, which enables the seller to send you a funds request text whilst using our messaging function. All you need to do is click the link and you will be directed to your PayPal account. From there you can enter the agreed amount and send instantly before you walk away with the goods. Safe and Simple.
The platform does not facilitate the concluding of the contract between the Buyer and the Seller. You will need to contact the Seller directly.
This is to prevent time wasters. There is a counter, which will only allow 5 offers, which have not been responded to at any one time. Once an offer has been negotiated, the counter reduces by 1.
From within My Boot screen, against the item listed for sale, click Cancel.
If you have received an offer or have accepted an offer, against the item listed for sale, click Cancel, then click Delete, which will delete the item from your Boot.
Only Sport related tangible items allowed. Please refer to our Terms of Use.
Because the platform does not facilitate the concluding of the contract. You do this offline.
It will be automatically deleted after 90 days or you may delete the item yourself from within My Boot. Following 90 days, you will need to re-list the item.
Yes. The items will be reviewed AFTER they have been posted. If the content is a breach of the Terms of Use, then KitsNBoots.com may delete the item.
If you are using the web browser, you will receive emails. If you are using the Apps, you will receive push notifications, however we will always send an email for the initial Buyer offer.
Appoint someone at Club or at Team level to collect donated or outgrown sports gear. That person can then list the items for sale and collect the cash from the sales on behalf of the Club.
Eg. Each Team Coach could ask the Parents to donate the items.
Yes. We can provide a URL, which can direct users directly to your virtual Car Boot. This can act as your Club Boot Room. Just add the URL to any tile or link on your website. Your Members have no need to use the platform offer process, instead you can just use us as your online shop.