The Club Boot Box

2020-10-02 12:43   Club Boot Shops   Warrington   1.1K views
Location: Warrington

All the Boots available within our Club can be seen here.

This is an example of a post which can be used by any Club.

We all know that most Clubs don't have a storage facility for outgrown Boots, however we have a solution for this.

1. A Mum or Dad can volunteer for the Club to collect the outgrown Boots.

2. They can be cleaned and kept in any shed or garage.

3. You can list them on this site and put the Club Name in this description so that all your Club members can find your listings using our filters.

4. You can also sell them outside of the Club. Postage UK wide is usually £3 which you can ask the Buyer to pay.

5. Our platform allows for confidential messaging if you want to use it, however all those at your Club will probably know you are the Boot Shop Manager.

6. You can add the Club logo as the Second Image. The first image shows on the website, which will be the pair of Boots. You add each pair to a post like this individually.

If you need any help contact us via our website.


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