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KitsNBoots was formed for the purpose of supporting our Communities, by enabling every School or Sports Club to create their own online Stockroom.

We have provided Apps, allowing you to set up your Organisation and list items handed in for Re-Use, such as used School Uniforms, Sports Equipment, Musical Instruments etc.


School Uniforms

The cost of School Uniforms is going up, so let's help each other out. Musical Instruments are welcome too. Discreet, and removing any feeling of shame in this cost of living crisis.

Any Sport or Club

Kits and Boots are quickly outgrown and can be used over and over again as can Sports Equipment.

Churches and Charities

Many of our Community Churches collect and distribute items to the Community. Churches are most welcome to use our Apps.

Business Advertising

Advertise on our Apps Locally by Sponsoring us via Stripe. You can also advertise whilst sponsoring an Organisation or Club directly and we will donate money to them.


1. Register

Register, validate your email address by clicking the link in the email we have sent you. Choose your location by placing a pin on the map.

2. Create Organisation

From the side menu, create the Organisation, entering details, which would normally be on your website. Verify the Organisation email similar to Registration. Set the location pin on the map.

3. We Approve

We will review your Organisation details, URL etc., before setting to live.

4. Add Items

From My Organisation, at the bottom of your page, click Add Items. Take a photo, enter a description etc.

5. Tell your Community

Tell your Community and Members about your Organisation on the App. From our Homepage, they can browse without having to register.

6. See How You Look

Once your Organisation has been approved (usually within 24 hours), you can see how you look on the Homepage. Homepage searches are based on GPS locations with a sliding filter.


Business Advertising

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Hi, if you have any questions, please send us a message.

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